Korean, Japanese, Pakistani, and Cambodian populations as a % of the total Asian population

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This map looks at different Asian ethnic groups and nationalities, and examines how they are distributed across the United States. Each group is looked at as a % of the total Asian population in each state, rather than looking at each group as a % of the total population of a state. So, for example, Cambodians make up 15% of the Asian population in Rhode Island, but only make up 0.44% of the total population of Rhode Island. We can see that the Japanese are more strongly represented in Hawaii and Rocky Mountain states, relative to other Asian groups. Future maps will create distributions for more Asian groups, such as Hmong, Laotian, and Thai populations. I chose Korean Japanese, Pakistani, and Cambodian because these are the 5th through 8th largest Asian groups in the United States, and I had already done the top 4 largest groups (Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese) here.

Some interesting notes on the Japanese population: While they make up a very small % of the total population of the Rocky Mountain states, since the Asian pop is overall so small, it is interesting that Japanese are relatively highly represented in those states.

It could be because of the history of japanese railworkers in the old west who were used as contract workers after the Chinese Exclusion Act. But it could also be due to the presence of Japanese Internment Camps in those states during WW2:


Many Japanese returned home to find their property stolen or confiscated. Perhaps some ended up staying in the areas of the internment camps? I haven’t found much about that possibility yet, but if anyone has any ideas whether that could be true let me know!

As for the large Japanese pop in Kentucky, it seems that there are alot of Japanese companies that have located in Kentucky for some reason? http://www.kentucky.com/living/travel/article44552601.html

Data Source:

Minnesota Population Center. National Historical Geographic Information System: Version 2.0. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota 2011.




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