NBA Win-Share Charts,


I last looked at each NBA team’s win-share charts in Mid-December, see this link to look at those older versions of the charts.

These charts look at each team’s distribution of “win shares” across players. Win Shares are a measure of a players total contribution to a teams success, as explained here:

A few notes:

-If you don’t see a player listed in the win-share pie chart, it’s because they either have 0 win shares or negative win shares.

-The change in win-shares is stated as being from December 15th to February 15th. That is slightly incorrect, as the change is actually measured from December 8th to February 16th.

-Obviously a lot of the changes in win-shares for players come from players being injured or traded. However, there are still some large changes in the win-share % of certain players who did not suffer any major injuries. See Anthony Davis as an example in New Orleans, who’s percentage of the team’s win-shares has dropped sharply as other contributors have picked up some of the slack for him.

-The change in a players win-share percentage is sometimes greater than their total win-share percentage. This is for one of two possible reasons:

1. In Mid-December those players had a negative win-share total.

2. It is an artifact of the fact that I could not include players with negative win-shares in the pie charts. I made the mistake of including those players when calculating the change in each players win-share %, which meant that players who were on a team with lots of negative win-share players saw their percentages inflated, since the total number of win-shares on the team was lower. I probably shouldn’t have calculated them this way for consistency’s sake, but by the time I realized it was too late and I was too lazy to go back and change everything.